Saturday, March 1, 2014

Home, Sweet Home!

After being gone since Monday it was good to get home this evening, althoough I hated very much leaving Caitlin behind. Her back is feeling some better than when I arrived on Monday? But she has had a quiet week and rested her back, instead of commuting an hour to work and sitting or standing all day. Her nerve test showed abnormal finding and her doc recommended she have an MRI. He thinks she could have a herniated disc at S1. But the workmanship comp has not approved it, therefore it needs to go through peer review. Everything takes twice as long having to go through them. But I will be headed back out there if she requires surgery.
Meanwhile, Curtis drove out on Thursday to retrieve me. We started out early this morning. And after enjoying spring like temps in the 50's the last few days the cruel winter temps at home we're not nice. Roads were bare and dry until we hit the Montana/ Idaho border. And it was minus 22F when we crossed our last pass in Montana. That is a 72 degree change in less than 24 hours!!!

Just a few snaps along the road

And back to the grind in the morning after missing shifts on Mon. and Tues.


Tracey said...

I'm sure your daughter appreciated all your help. What a difference in temperatures! Great photos.....We are headed your way at the end of the month, hoping it warms up?

Tracy said...

I hope the find out what is causing her pain :(
Beautiful blue sky on your way home

S said...

Oh dear, back problems can be so paint. I said a little prayer for her. I am glad your travels were safe.