Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

It is my day to celebrate!!! But it was pretty quiet around here today!

My buddy, Cooper hung out with me this morning.

I ran to the cable company. Ever since we got our new entertainment centre a couple of years ago, the cable box was too big and we could not shut the doors. I was at the cable place a couple of weeks ago and asked them if they had smaller boxes and what you had to do to get one. They give them out in special circumstances was what I got told. Well, I have a grandson wanting to be in everything. So, I guess it was special enough. Cause I came home with a much smaller box!

I came home and made my first batch of hot cross bus for the Easter season!

I talked with Cait. I talked with my sister.
And Harlee brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers after school.

And Curtis and I went out for a yummy dinner. We both had prime rib.

Have to celebrate with a birthday layout of Harlee.

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Tracy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday :)
Great layout and such a sweet photo of you and Cooper :)

Nat said...

ohhh, those hot crossed buns sure look yummy!! Wishing you an awesome birthday :) !!!!!

Tracey said...

Happy belated birthday...hope you had a great day. Those buns sure look yummy! Really nice layout too!

S said...

Happy belated birthday - hope it was the start of a great year for you.