Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Day Worth Reapeating!

Yesterday was so gorgeous that we repeated it today. It didn't reach 69F like yesterday, but pretty close-64F. I believe we were warmer than parts of Florida!

We had a busy evening last night. Going back to Girl Scouts is an interesting deal for me. My gosh, there were 10 little Brownies and a lot of them are not as well behaved or as mature as Harlee! And there were siblings there, which I never would have allowed! I led every level except Brownies and now I know why!

I brought Harlee back here and Curtis took over and took her across town to basket ball practice. And then he picked up Kirsten from work and took her home. Kirsten's car needs the clutch replaced. They just have to find time for Tim to do it.

Today I got my house majorly cleaned! That meant mopping floors. Not sure how they get so dirty with only 2 of us here. Use to have 2 more and a dog in the mix!

Kirsten and Cooper visited this afternoon. The crew will all be here on Thursday evening to celebrate Harlee's birthday!

Finished up a layout of Cooper!

Now I am up to my armpits making Valentine cards.

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Tracey said...

Fabulous layout Leslee......love the photo's, great title!! I had a child that ate dirt too ! Your valentines card is super sweet :) I must start making some myself.
What an awesome trip you are planning...if you visit Brisbane I would love to meet you and your husband. Sydney is 1 1/2 hours flight from here ...about 11 hours drive. hugs x

Nat said...

I was a brownie and girl guide and actually a 4H member lol. those were good times :) Love your layout and valentine card your creations are always beautiful. Hope your having a good week! :) :)

Lisa said...

That layout is so cute!! What adorable pictures!! He's so sweet...dirt and all ;) And your Valentine card is gorgeous!! I love the little hedgehogs!! I'm jealous of your warm temps!! It's chilly chilly here but at least no snow :) Have a great day :)

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