Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015!

Here we go with a brand New Year!!!
Hope it is a better year for Caitlin!  Put her on the plane this morning bound for Seattle. 
Will be missing her bunches!!!  But she has a few things she needs to get sorted out and hopefully find a new job in record time!!! 

I worked diligently at home today and took down most of the Christmas decorations.  The tree is down.  The Santas are in the cabinet.  The snowman village can stay up until the end of the month. 

Still cold and snowy out and more snow is on its way over the weekend.  How I wish I was a snowbird instead of heading to work tomorrow. 

Getting back in the groove and working on a couple of thank you cards!


Nat said...

ok it seems like we have been doing a lot of the same tasks the past few days. I packed up the tree and ornaments plus also took down all the Christmas decorations outside. Lots of work, I'm pooped! Back to work tomorrow as I have been off since Dec 5th. Its not going to be an easy day lol. have a great evening :)

Lisa said...

I took down the Christmas decorations yesterday...always so sad. I love seeing the lights and the Santas. But if this year flies by as fast as the last, we will be putting the decorations back up before we know it!! Have a great day :)

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Tracy said...

Took down our tree on the 1st of the month as well :)
Haven't got to the outside decor yet, its just too cold -40c with the windchill…I like your idea of a warm vacation :)