Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today we Celebrate

As our princess turns 8! What the heck? How quickly those 8 years have flown by!
She is cute. She is smart! She is sensitive. She is stubborn! She loves to read! She loves to spend time at her nana's and papa's. I love this right now, and soak up every moment,as soon we will not be some of the most important people in her life! I love our little Toots!

I have to share a couple of photos from back in the day!

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She is growing up way too fast as far as I am concerned!

Curtis and I picked her up after school today. The whole crew was here for dinner. I made spaghetti. And then we rushed out the door for her first basket ball game. Came Home for cake and presents.

The beat surprise is yet to come! Her Auntie Cait is on he train bound for Montana and will surprise her at her birthday party on Saturday. That means I drive to Shelby( 90 min) on the road to pick her up in the morning!

It is so entertaining watching second graders play this game!

She wanted a My little Pony cake! There is no such animal in this town. So her creative mama got busy and baked her a rainbow cake. We got two little ponoes for the top, and she loved it.


Lisa said...

I hope she has a happy, happy birthday!! She's so adorable!! The pictures are so sweet!! And yum - that rainbow cake looks amazing!! Have a great weekend :)

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Susanne said...

Happy birthday to her. Would love sample that cake - looks fabulous.

Nat said...

awesome cake, she is growing up fast. time does fly!!!! :)